Matilde Rasmussen in Pink Pride for ELLE photographed by Benjamin Kanarek

The world has always looked more interesting through Pink Glasses. So why not add a bit of Pink Hair to your life and take Pride in the fact that you dared to do so

Alexis Kapaun in Paris Tres Chic by Benjamin Kanarek for Grazia

Gorgeous Alexis Kapaun is Tres, Tres Chic wearing the hottest newest designer streetwear

My Nikon Z Mirrorless Rant to Nikon R&D and Corporate Marketing

Dear Nikon R&D and Corporate Marketing As a Nikon Pro user for 25+ years, shooting for the likes of ELLE, VOGUE, Harper’s BAZAAR, GRAZIA , STYLE, etc

Taj Jackson of the 3T by Benjamin Kanarek for GQ Magazine

Several months ago my photo buddy Michael Jackson’s Nephew, Taj Jackson of the 3T’s and, his Mother in Law Paloma, Frédérique and myself had a wonderful dinner and photo shoot at the China Club in Paris for the prestigious GQ Portugal Magazine.

Alexis Kapaun in Athleisure for ELLE by Benjamin Kanarek

Sporty and athletic Alexis Kapaun is running the gauntlet throughout Paris wearing vivid, bright, fun, outlandish and piquant colours for the ELLE June Issue. Photos byBenjamin Kanarek