Wishing our Muslim friends a Peaceful New Year Muharram 1439-2017

We want to wish our Muslim friends a Peaceful and Joyous Muharram New Year 1439

Shana Tova on Rosh Hashanah the Jewish New Year in 2017

I want to wish all of my Jewish friends and out there Shana Tova Happy Jewish New Year this day of Rosh Hashanah

Sorceress Luisa Moek in “White Magic” by Benjamin Kanarek for POST Magazine

Our sweet sorceress Luisa Moek is conjuring up some magical fashion spells …

Anastasia Chekry in “Wallflower Wonder” by Benjamin Kanarek for STYLE Magazine

Colour me happy, colour me sad, mad, ecstatic, romantic, complex, simple, deep, prolific, artistic, realistic, pragmatic, manic…

Anaïs Pouliot in Red Ready by Benjamin Kanarek for ELLE

Red Hot in Red and Ready. Top Model Anaïs Pouliot spends some time in Paris in the heat wave with Benjamin Kanarek, Frederique Renaut and their team