Anaïs Pouliot in Red Ready by Benjamin Kanarek for ELLE

Red Hot in Red and Ready. Top Model Anaïs Pouliot spends some time in Paris in the heat wave with Benjamin Kanarek, Frederique Renaut and their team

Happy Canada Day and Happy 150th Birthday Canada

Happy Canada Day! Happy 150th Birthday to the Country I was born in and the Country I Love!

Sexy Daria Pleggenkuhle in Sheer Decadence by Benjamin Kanarek for STYLE SCMP Magazine

Hot, sheer and sexy blacks and nudes are what is on show with Daria Pleggenkuhle baring herself in “Sheer Decadence” for STYLE magazine SCMP by Benjamin Kanarek and filmed by Frédérique Renaut

This Madness Must End! London… Another Bleep in the Radar?

This Madness Must End. But How? Islamic Extreme Ideology and its application to those not adhering to their precepts must be stopped.

Klaudia Mae in Floral Fawning for POST Magazine SCMP by Benjamin Kanarek

Spring-Summer fashion gets unwired with model Klaudia Mae at Marilyn Agency Paris, photographed by Benjamin Kanarek and video by Frédérique Renaut, Floral Fawning for Post Magazine