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avatar Agent Luxe (Blogger): Agent Luxe grew up in Denmark. During college she went to Brazil for a year, as an exchange-student. That turned out to be a wonderful meeting with a new and inspiring culture. Here she discovered how generosity, creativity and happiness grows, from even the poorest circumstances. After having finished her master in Communication/Psychology she went to Paris. In Paris she got an internship at one of the fashion PR-agencies. That gave her an insight in public relations and the world of haute couture. At the same time, she began writing articles and blogs about fashion, for some of the most read fashion-magazines in Denmark. Later on, she started working as PR/Business developer for an affordable luxury watch-brand in France. It all inspired her to start writing about the world of luxury. So here it is her blog: www.agentluxe.com Follow her on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MissAgentLuxe
Website: http://ww.agentluxe.com
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