Behind the Scenes with Sasha Luss on the Set of Benjamin Kanarek for Harper’s BAZAAR

Sasha Luss in "Ruffles" for Harper's BAZAAR © Benjamin Kanarek

Sasha Luss in “Ruffles” for Harper’s BAZAAR © Benjamin Kanarek

After being the hot new breakout model of the season and being crowned everywhere from to as the number one newcomer for fall-winter 2013-2014, the stunning and inspiring Sasha Luss shares her energy in a behind the scenes video shot on the set of “Ruffles” by Benjamin Kanarek for Harper’s BAZAAR en Español (Latin America).

Sasha Luss has a lively temperament, funny and generous with the team. She loves her job!! Quick-witted, highly intuitive and a fast learner, we can see that she will go very far in her career. But what struck us on the set, was her ability to play with the camera, think on her feet and make a variety of suggestions and all done with panache and enthusiasm. Further to modeling, a career in acting could definitely be in the cards for Sasha…

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Behind the Scenes Video on the Set of Benjamin Kanarek directed by Frédérique Renaut

Below Sasha and Benjamin clowning around…

Benjamin Kanarek and Sasha Luss clowning around on the set of "Ruffles" for Harper's BAZAAR © Paul-Antoine Goutal

Benjamin Kanarek and Sasha Luss clowning around on the set of “Ruffles” for Harper’s BAZAAR © Paul-Antoine Goutal

The Team

Photographer: Benjamin Kanarek

Model: Sasha Luss at Elite Paris

Video Direction by Frédérique Renaut

Styling by Vanessa Naudin

Hair by Tié Toyama, at Calliste

Make-Up by Corinne Gues, at B-Agency

Manicure by Lucia Cheptene, at B4-Agency

Photo Assistants: Paul-Antoine GoutalClaudia Waldmann at Studio Daguerre

Stylist Assistants: Coline Peyrot

Shot at the Studio Daguerre in Paris

Post-Production: Ashish Arora


Video Soundtrack

“Feel the Love“

© Aries 4Rce BeatZ (DnB 2013)

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  • Ben Akiba

    mr Kanarek, is there any chance to tell us, what is this super soft and sexy round light? 😀

    • That would be the mix of a “Silver” hard contrast umbrella and an Balcar white beauty dish.

      • Ben Akiba

        just when you think you know something, you start to understand that you know nothing 😀 so sorry if i’m being rude, but if it is not a problem, could you just point me in the right direction… all day long i’m studying this edit. and since I don’t see umbrella catchlight (i’m guessing its pretty high, also because of the shadows on the seamless), the only thing I can think off is that the “super soft and sexy round light” is a fill and umbrella is actually the main light?

        thank you for your previous response, really appreciate your images and advices! and this edit. its a holiday for the eyes 🙂

        • Yes, you are right , the light source is quite high and angled down at around 45°. I am also using a white reflector on the floor out of the scene and a couple more on either side of the model.

          • In the other video, at the end, when she goes out the set it can be seen an big umbrella at six (twelve at background) high. Ben ¿Is the umbrella open or has an difuser? (like it was an octa).