Coming Soon My Pentax Experience or Experiment?

Pentax Experience or Experiment

Pentax Experience or Experiment

For those of you on the fence or owners of Pentax, I will be writing a lengthly expose on my experiences and experiment with Pentax since converting over from Canon when I was sponsored by Canon and made the switch to Pentax around 5 years ago.

Watch this space as you might find it rather illuminating. Of coursed much of it is experiential and somewhat subjective? But hey, isn’t that what the photography experience is all about.

See you soon…

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  • Gareth Davies

    I guess your Pentax experience will now not be shared since you are now using Nikon. You could at least delete this post unless you do intend to write something? Good to here you will be using your Pentax for travel & leisure though.

  • I am sorry for the delay. But as I haven’t been inspired to write about my Pentax experience as yet at least, I guess you will have to hang in.

  • Gareth Davies

    Benjamin, I have a note pad and pencil, you could talk about your Pentax experience and I will scribble things down for you if you are busy. I keep coming back to this post, but it stays the same.

  • How long?

  • Count me in! I have been in a Pentax squad for years already! 🙂

  • paul

    Killing me here. For some reason I really want to read this article. 2 months and counting. Cheers mate…

    • Me too 😉 I keep stalking the site to see if it’s up. I need a life. lol

  • where is your announcement :_))) its 2 months old now??? Cheers

  • I keep coming back to read about your experience of Pentax, but nothing has been updated in relation to this post. Are we talking days, weeks or months?

  • To say that I’ve discovered you on Pentaxforums… 😛

    Looking forward for your article as well.

  • Edwin Ernst

    I am looking forward to your expose since your announcement. I’m waiting…waiting…waiting. You can make it happen 🙂

  • I am looking very forward to this.

  • Rastislav Stanik

    looking forward to the article, the K5 is a very good camera

  • donniebaseball

    I switched from Canon to Pentax a few months ago. I’m an amateur but really enjoy the hobby. When I researched the K5 it seemed like a good, solid camera. Hoping I made the right move but too soon to tell for sure. Am interested in hearing about your experience with the camera and lenses.

  • suma

    my brother wants to pass me his pentax -kx with kit lens. I like to do some portraiture not from close up all the time though…so a medium zoom will be useful I feel. I also dont want telephoto type as I will carry this while treking. What lenses ( pentax or otherwise would you recommend )

    • The standard Pentax 18-55 WP lens is very good for the money and waterproof as well.

      • suma

        the kit lens is also 18-55 > anything that can extend a bit further?