What Would You Do?

This pretty much says it all for me…If  You were Attacked, What Would YOU Do if you were the United States of America, The United Kingdom, France, Australia, Canada or a sovereign nation?

What Would You Do?

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  • What “would” i do? Just what WE DO: Defend ourselves, in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Beer Sheva, netivot, sderot or Ashkelon… but not one day, nor one week. But as long as i receive hundreds of rockets on my head! rockets directed at my brother, father, children, friend, coworker, directly directed at my house!at my work ! at my child’s kindergarten, at my fave mall! at the restaurant down my street, at the movie theater!!!!!! Because no one, in Paris, London, New York, or Sydney should live with a permanent threat of being killed by a rocket at any time! NOR with a kid who can not recognize a fire deptmnt-police-or ambulance siren because all he knows and is used to is red code ALERT which means: rush to the nearest bomb shelter within 13 seconds! An alert which echoes at 3am, 12pm or 4pm, wherever you are and whenever the Hamas pleases.

    So thank you for this fashionable window of opportunity Benjamin, allowing me to thank Isabelle marant for her comfy wedge sneakers, as well as juicy couture for their stylish track suits, allowing me to remain stylish at any time, when i have to run for my life, they r worth every penny! 😉

  • carpediem007

    Thank you Ben… Much appreciated…

    Chapeau for doing something…

    Remember: All that is
    necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing…
    Edmund Burke

    Kind regards from your Landsmann in Eilat, Israel

  • Sure a Nation & an Individual has the right to defence against aggression so they can live in peace. Many would be leaders though are greedy and manipulative of the masses to artificially create hate where there need be none so that they can further their own selfish aims. Lets educate as well as defend, not making people feel resentful so that they project hate on groups.