Fashion Photographer DeMarcus Allen shoots Taking Off

Hinarani de Longeaux © DeMarcus Allen

DeMarcus Allen Paris based Fashion Photographer shot “Taking Off” with Model Hinarani de Longeaux at Marilyn Models, in the outskirts of Paris for the fall edition of T&M Magazine from Toronto.

Jacket-wool cloth and raffia embroidered with pearls: Etienne Jeanson, Fur lined Boots: Walter Steiger, Corset: Bordelle with Placement in Cage

Hinarani de Longeaux © DeMarcus Allen

Jacket in wool and embroidered raffia of pearl: Etienne Jeanson

Hinarani de Longeaux © DeMarcus Allen

Jacket in wool and embroidered raffia of pearl: Etienne Jeanson

Hinarani de Longeaux © DeMarcus Allen

Dress: Mal Aimée, Bra: Bordelle de chez Mise en Cage, gloves in Leather:  Lanvin

Hinarani de Longeaux © DeMarcus Allen

Cage dress: Freyagushi with Placement in Cage, Bra: Bordelle de chez Mise en Cage, Corset to nails, New York Sex Trash with Placement in Cage, Shoes: Walter Steiger

Hinarani de Longeaux © DeMarcus Allen

Sleeveless coat: Mal Aimée, Necklace: Vintage

Hinarani de Longeaux © DeMarcus Allen

Assymetrical coat: Mal Aimée, Leotard in black fringe: Electric Ibiza chez Mise en Cage, Belt varnished leather with flat knot: Lanvin. Bracelets: KMO jewlery

Team Credits:

Photographer: DeMarcus Allen

Model:  Hinarani de Longeaux (Marilyn).

Stylist:  Sarah Cazeneuve

Hair/Make Up: Fabien Paquet

Digital Retouch: Christelle Cossart

About DeMarcus Allen

I’m from Virginia in the US (city of Norfolk), and I left when I was 17 to play college football at the University of Kentucky. After that, I went to play professionally in Chicago, but I got hurt. After trying for a few other teams, I kept having the same problem of hurting my leg, so I decided to stop. At the same time, I started to get into modeling, with the “push” from friend and Paris photographer Ernest Collins.

Eventually, I decided to move to Paris in 2009 to try to find an agency and go from there. However, when I got here, I was so stressed and nervous that I had terrible acne, so could not do any photos. I took a break from modeling and just hung around Ernest’s photo shoots in Paris. I had bought a D-SLR before leaving the US, so I could take photos and send to my family. So I started to send them photos all the time of landscape and architecture stuff, and eventually got sick of e-mail, so I made a website (easier for them to access). With that, I started to get bored with landscape photos, and so I wanted to shoot models.

But all of them, of course, told me “no”, as I didn’t have a book. I eventually did a shoot with my girlfriend, who is French, and received not-so-bad reviews from Ernest and other photographers/models I knew in Paris. I had been helping as his assistant since moving to Paris, and so when I started shooting models, I did less assisting and more of my own shooting. One short year later, after starting photography with models (and 1 year and a half using a camera), here I am :)🙂

I’m currently wanting to do more magazines to be able to show more of my work, which, to me, is a mix of American and French photography. I’ve worked with a lot of agencies in France, New York & London, including Next, Marilyn, Elite, City, VIP, Premier, MC2 & Trump. Now I’m at the point of trying to expand to do more magazines in both the US & France, and also other places.

For “style”, it’s really hard I guess to describe my “style”. I’ve shot men, but I prefer women. I’ve always loved elegance in a woman and sexiness, but without being trashy. Also, you can see through a lot of my photos that I did landscape photography before, as I rarely shoot in studio. I think the surroundings are equally important for the mood, and while I don’t “dislike” studio shooting, I just find that there’s not as much of a mood or emotion to bring to the table.

I’m not too too big on “posing” the models, as I like them to be themselves a bit in front of the camera so it doesn’t look too “fake” I guess

About Frederique Renaut

Born in Paris, France, Fashion & Beauty Director for

Frédérique Renaut wears 2 hats:
1/ Consultant in Communication for the Luxury Industry specialized in International Communication, Media & Advertising,
2/ Creative Direction, Video Direction for Fashion and Beauty shoots for publications like VOGUE & Harper’s BAZAAR.

She has also worked as an International Executive Manager for major cosmetics brands (Jean-Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake and Narciso Rodriguez fragrances) and Couture Houses (Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Féraud & Givenchy by Alexander McQueen).

  • Dietmarkohl

    very nice DeMarcus Allen..but working with clouds is a difficult thing to do in digital they reflect a lot and then you get those white holes..which to me make the object in the forgraund darker and disturb that wonderfull flat low contrast feeling you have in the other images without the clouds. try it again with the clouds use perhaps an external lightsource or flash so you underexpose the bright clouds a bit …

    experience through experience !