What is Art?

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The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book…

Design, or art, is simply perception. We, humans are complicated creatures: we all have our own opinions and critique, which is a force that pushes designers to progress. All artists aim to have others see and admire his/her creation exactly in the same manner or with the same purpose as himself. This perception itself, though, is a waveform or a cycle, which brings the understanding and approval of the design from “what is this thing?” to “genius”. Yet, there is absolutely no guarantee that the “genius” period won’t quickly fade to “what were we thinking” stage… and this might continue to infinity. This change can appear to the author too.

Traditional art, in form of paintings, for example, is probably a less obvious example of the waveform, as this is something that has been admired for centuries (so there it’s either “like” or “not” life position), but fashion is a great example. Not only it always changes, but it does that with such speed that nobody can catch up with it, and in my opinion no one should. No one. And if you think you’re “a fashion diva”, then you’re simply a fashion victim. A monkey that’s trying to put on everything at once. As Oscar Wilde said, “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” Nowadays, the seasons change even more often…
P.S. So what am I coming to with all this? My goal, as a designer, and that’s what I’m trying to do with every single step I make when designing/drawing/sewing a garment is to create things that would never be looked at as at a form of ugliness, and in years from now will still be admired. Or at least, not “what the hell’ed” at.

  • Tony

    “Art is the foundation of civilisation, it is with science the only thing that distinguishes us from animals.”

    That’s what art is to me, being able to appreciate art is what makes us the superior species on this planet, it is a concept which no animal no matter how smart can understand. Art has been around long before man was really evolved, look at all those cavern drawings. It’s what makes man the species it is.

    • I, personally, would lean towards those drawings being a communication tool, than art. As in, “You, woman of the cave, feed little men. I go kill big animals with horns@b3e8fdf328e9ac427670d71eff8a6d5b:disqus  🙂 or if the left the cave they would write that it’s taken , or draw how many animals they’ve killed etc.
      But i do understand what you mean