Amazing UFO Video Capture in Turkey


UFO Proof from Turkey

I have been researching this topic for several years and these video’s happen to be some of the most compelling to date with the Phoenix Lights from 1997.

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  • Brianmcdonald10

    While I’m pretty sure there’s other life in the universe, and I love all the potential conspiracy that lies behind it, I still it find it a slightly ironic situation that we can get so excited about such poor quality, low-budget videos when ‘Final Cut Studio’ can let us produce much better than this if we want to…still a long, long way from being convinced. 

  • Anthony M.

    I am sure we are not alone in this universe, it is very unlikely that we’d be alone when the universe is so big. But on the other hand I think the videos are fake. Real Aliens would probably have been picked up by the various radars and satellites and shot down by the military. What we see is probably just a kind of hovering vehicle prototype.

    • A prototype? I don’t think so.

      • Anthony M.

        But then how comes the place wasn’t swarmed with military? I mean the radar must have detected the thing no? And what would UFOs do in Turkey hovering in the middle of nowhere anyway?

        I am sure we’ll meet real extra terrestrials in time but I think this just isn’t it yet. Also how comes all the footage we have of so called extraterrestrials is always poor quality video or blurry photographs?

        I think Aliens likely look like us, do all the things we do and if we ever meet them they’ll be as surprised as we will be.

        Oh, by the way, what about a Science Fiction fashion shoot? 😀

  •  That was indeed horrifying to watch, we’re definitely not alone and I know you share the same sentiments. It’s spine chilling, really.