Hans Feurer back in VOGUE Paris

Emmanuelle Alt © Garance Doré
Emmanuelle Alt is writing her own ticket for VOGUE Paris. I was not expecting a fundamental change in the Editorial Direction being that she has been the Fashion Director of the magazine for over ten years and collaborating with Carine Roitfeld. Thus the assumption that there would be little change from the status quo. However, the April 2011 issue of VOGUE Paris gives a clear new direction; bye bye porno chic, provocation, unjustified nudity, welcome softness, lifestyle, casual clothing. Emmanuelle’s approach is more consensual and obviously more commercial, which the fashion customer might find more accessible.


I want to show in French Vogue more and more a lot of clothes … It’s a different point of view, but nobody gave me a mission to change it or make it more commercial. she stressed in her WWD’s interview

Her vision of fashion is also conditioned by the choice of photographers she has decided to collaborate with and thus don’t expect any radical changes in those she has already worked with.

I want to keep the quality, the photographers we work with—David Sims, Mert and Marcus, Mario Testino, and Bruce Weber. I don’t think there should be radical changes. The magazine should still be chic and sophisticated. VOGUE.com interview

There has been one huge surprise however… The Return of Hans Feurer in VOGUE Paris is great news and a welcome change.

Hans Feurer ©DR

Hans Feurer’s style is easily recognizable:

  • Outdoor shoots, long lenses, grainy film aspect, blurred background, sharp on the model (bokeh effect), sunrise or sunset light and often with the introduction of back light and flare.

This style was in “VOGUE” in the 70’s and 80’s and has come back in to fashion since certain internet bloggers started to photograph street fashion a few years ago. The styling often associated with his photography is ethnic, tribal in wildly natural spaces. However, he can express himself in a more urban environment as he did recently in French VOGUE with Supermodel Anja Rubik.

Anja Rubik by Hans Feurer for VOGUE Paris – April 2011

Feurer, a highly renowned fashion photographer in the 70s and 80s, is Swiss born and studied photography in London. In the ’60s, he became a photographer for British Vogue, Vogue Paris, US Vogue, Marie Claire, French Elle… He photographed most of the major supermodels from Claudia Schiffer to Laetitia Casta with Yasmeen Ghauri, Christy Turlington… He launched Amber Valletta in French Elle Magazine.

Who do you dream to photograph?

– I had the chance to work with the most beautiful women in the world from Pat Cleveland, Christy Turlington to Stephanie Seymour… Kate Moss is the only one that I haven’t photographed. Excerpt of his interview in the Contributor Section of French VOGUE April 2011.

I would add “so Far”… , but I have the feeling that with his statement in the Contributor Section of the magazine, this omission will be repaired quickly enough.

Some of his archives

In the early 60’s, he was assisted by French Photographer Patrick Demarchelier. Hans Feurer is also renowned for his collaboration with Kenzo for several of their Ad Campaigns in the 70’s and 80’s and was well known for his shooting of lingerie and swimsuits in a beach environment. In 1974, he directed the famous Pirelli Calendar.

Over the past few years Hans Feurer is back on track with magazines the likes of Numéro, I-D and VOGUE China, etc…

I really appreciate the fact that Emmanuelle Alt went for the original “Real Deal” photographer rather than one of the numerous copies amongst the younger fashion photographers emulating his and Eddy Kohli‘s style.

DIM Advertising © Eddy Kohli

Hans Feurer in VOGUE Paris – April 2011

Here is the video of the 2005 edition of the International Fashion Photography Festival in Cannes, France with interviews of Hans Feurer, Jean-Daniel Lorieux, Benjamin Kanarek, amongst others.

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  • Rob Walls

    Tonight I watched a documentary of the making of the Pirelli Calendars, which reminded me of Hans. Some of his fine photographs from the ground-breaking calendar he show were included.

    In 1968, I covered the opening stages of the Nigerian Civil War. After I got back, I received a phone call out of the blue from Hans, who had heard that I had gone there. Becoming temporarily bored with fashion, it seemed he was considering covering a war. His basic question was, “Is it dangerous?” I think I told him that it rather depends on how you feel about flying on gun-running planes out of Lisbon, through a blockade of Nigerian Air Force MIGs. To the great benefit of fashion photography, Hans decided not to become a war photographer.

    But after that we became friends and watching that documentary reminded me of what a generous man he was/is. He once lent me a Hasselblad and several lenses to cover an annual report for Carrier Air Conditioning in West Africa, refusing any payment. I still have fond memories of the opening party for his studio in Notting Hill in 1969, a stylish event that epitomized the “swinging sixties”. I felt truly privileged to be included on a guest list that included the somewhat threatening presence of members of the San Francisco chapter of the Hells Angels.

    Apart from being a great photographer, Hans Feurer is a kind and generous man, to whom I will be everlastingly grateful for the kindness he showed to me when I was just beginning my career. I am delighted to see that he is still shooting…

    • Yes, agreed.  I met Hans a few years ago at the Cannes Festival of Fashion Photographer where we had our exhibitions there.  A very fine mensche indeed.

  • Martin Nelson

    I had arrived in London from N Ireland, in the early seventies, and was lucky enough to work for a short time with Hans Feurer. I believe the 3 day shoot was for Freundin magazine. The subject?Faschnacht/Karnveval! Pat Cleveland was present along with a host of international models.
    For a Belfast lad, it was truly magical to watch this Swiss image maker, effortlessly distill with precision, the essence of perfection from every professional present. Like beautiful porcelain on a potters wheel, this wizard of communication, spun and moulded raw energy, into memorable photographic icons.
    How do I remember all this, well when I recall the occasion, the hairs still stand up on the back of my neck, 40 years later! Which just goes to prove that, golden memories never fade…
    Martin Nelson
    Eagle Eye Films (NI)

  • Ah ! 😉

  • Yes..Hans is the Real Deal 🙂

  • Charlotte Beaumont

    For me Hans Feurer is one of the greatest fashion and beauty Photographer ever.

  • Veronique Edgard-rosa

    what a scoop!!!