The Ten Fashion Photography Must Have Accessories

As a Fashion Photographer for 20+ years, I have come to appreciate the importance of some very important items that one should never be without. I have based this list on items that I wish I had for several of my shoots, but were not on hand and would have helped had I had them.

Although some of the items are seemingly obvious, they are often overlooked, thus the reason for this list. Feel free to add some of your own.

1. Gaffers Tape

2. Wood Clothing Clips (used for styling clothing, clipping gels to light stands, etc.)

3. Neutral density filter gelatin (for hot lights and flash as well as the lens)

4. Black Cloth 1 yard/meter square  (for controlling light in so many ways)

5. 18 percent gray card (for those of you not using a light meter on the set great for metering from in camera)

6. Fishing cable. (great for using as a support between light stands, to suspend objects, etc)

7. Rubber Air Blower (preferably the ones from a Pharmacy, much better than the lens type)

8. Penlight Flash Light and extra batteries

9. Extra SD or Compact Flash Cards

10. Gold Foil survival blanket. Great for keeping the model warm between clothing changes, as a reflector and keeping one dry during a rain storm.

If you have any more you wish to add, just write to

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  • Mminick

    I always like to have a sharp knife along.

  • Mminick

    I always like to have a sharp knife along.

  • Mminick

    I always like to have a sharp knife along.

  • Mminick

    I always like to have a sharp knife along.

  • Mminick

    I always like to have a sharp knife along.

  • my number one accessory…a great assistant!!! I’m gonna come across the fountain of youth before I find one 🙂 Most of em are good people to hang around with…on a super stressful shoot…it’d be nice if they cld use their brains too. ha ha.

    I’ve always believed that Murphy was a photographer…I’ve carried things around for a couple of shoots…didnt need em.

    left em behind & guess what, for that particular shoot, I needed something that I had lugged for the previous ten shoots & didnt this time…ahhhh.

    if you’re a fashion photographer & if something’s gonna go wrong on your shoot, believe you me, it will & if you’re lucky, it wont be that bad…it’ll be worse 😀

    • Stewart

      Yes I like that suggestion. A great assistant who remembers to bring all that crap. Plus someone on the crew responsible to bring nail polish remover to remove the hideous nail and toe polish some models wear to the shoot.

  • Lint Brush

    • The Steamer is generally not the responsibility of the photographer, but the Fashion Stylist, as is the lint brush. Snacks and Water? I’ll give you that, but is generally provided by the studio or location facility.

  • James Andrews

    Sandbags – weighting down lightstands, particually at outdoor shoots.

    • Good one, of course. However, make sure you have a strong assistant to give you a hand.

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    • Ray

      A second one of everything you need, and probably a third of anything critical.