Our new fashion editor…

Benjamin and Frédérique called to ask me to participate as a regular on his blog as a Fashion Editor and I said, “Cool, yeah no problem.”

I love the idea of being a regular on this blog. So, let me introduce myself…

Nath portraitI am isa the designer behind “isa maïsa“. I live in a wonderful little village not far from Paris situated on the Seine River and surrounded by the largest forest in France. I love it here! I am a Country mouse, and not a city rat. I have been in the fashion industry in some form or another for almost 30 years. Whew!

Did Make-up, was a showroom representative, seamstress, assistant to a Directrice de la Haute Couture as well as having worked with a few designers before beginning my own thing. Now I am designing tee shirts which I love to create and wear, making one-of-a-kind tees. The freedom I feel with this type of design exercise is incredible!!

I speak 3 languages fluently: French, English, and Spanish. This is not due to higher I.Q., but having been raised in a household of many languages. My mother is Bolivian and my father is French and we lived in the States while I was growing up. Pretty simple. I love to travel and have seen and experienced quite a few different “worlds” and I pick up languages easily no matter what it is.

I frequently travel between the United States and France on a regular basis being that my company is based in both. I am presently living in France. But, you never know where life will take you, so I always keep my options open.

I am psyched about being on Benjamin’s blog as a Fashion Editor and am looking forward to sharing my views and hearing your comments.

Opening photo isa maïsa T-shirt

About isa maïsa

Isa Maïsa has been designing fashion since she was old enough to knit. She is a designer who dabbles in her loves: fashion, home decor and paper-cardboard trinkets. She is interested in so many different and diverse disciplines, which aids in keeping her creative river flowing. She presently lives a short train ride from Paris, France which she finds to be one of the most intriguing spots on the globe.

Her sense of style came from her mixing of three cultures: a Bolivian mother, a French father and her living in the United States.

Isa Maïsa assisted the Haute Couture Director at Louis Féraud for two years, as well as sewing in the “flou ateliers” the gowns for their collections. She studied Fashion Design at Studio Berçot in Paris under the expert guidance of Marie Rukki.

Visit her boutique at www.isamaisa.etsy.com.

  • Merci Fred et Ben!! Nous allons nous amuser!!


  • Hola Gerardo,

    Muchas gracias por sus lindas palabras y mi abuelito siempre decia,” Si quiere, lo puede y lo debo.” Disculpeme que no puede escribir con acentos porque mi computadora no tiene el programo.

    Hasta la proxima vez y que le vaya bien.


  • Bon après les messages de Benjamin et Gerardo, je me sens obligée de te féliciter en Français ! Bienvenue à bord et longue vie à cette collaboration…

  • Gerardo “Sam” Wuhl

    Hola, hola, y hola!!! Bienvenida a bordo! Ya que hablas fluido el español, voy a ahorrarme el trabajo de escribir en francés (porque no lo hablo), y en inglés (porque a pesar de hablarlo bastante bien, no es mi lengua materna). Me alegra que estés por aquí cumpliendo una función tan interesante, y es bueno saber que ahora puedo comunicarme con Benjamin usando mi propio idioma de tanto en tanto.
    Como te decía: Bienvenida…
    Soy un fotógrafo de Uruguay, America del Sur, y supongo que ya habrás leido un poco de mí en una entrada anterior del blog, que Benjamin publicó tiempo atrás, y que me llenó de orgullo, porque a pesar de conocernos solo online, descubrí que Benjamin es un muy buen tipo, además de ser algo así como un ídolo para mí en el campo fotográfico.

    Bueno, no te aburro más con tanta letra, y te dejo hasta pronto. Será un gusto leer de tí y poder estar en contacto…

  • Benjamin Kanarek

    Glad to have you on board isa…