A short story about a photographer… By Gerardo Jacques Wuhl

As I always say, I was born with a camera under my arm (maybe you know the Latin expression “he was born with bread under his arm”). My dad is a photographer, and like any son in the world, I admire his work. My first steps with photography were with a P&S Canon camera, but […]

Photography Schools

Photography Teachers?

I have recently noticed several advertisements of those that are teaching photography. At a school of photography as a guest speaker I was asked what my thoughts were regarding the whole -I can teach you photography thing…

Fear photographed © Benjamin Kanarek

The “How Did You Do That?” Question

I am often asked the question, “How Did You Do That?” I could very simply answer the question which I often do and the results that person gets isn’t what he/she was expecting. If I talk about post production, yes the actions on the image will be as I recommended, but when asked about the results of a shoot, I more often than not get a disappointing, “it doesn’t look like yours…!”